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Why Inked & Blinked

"I help women feel more confident through permanent makeup, which also saves them time and money." -Christina

Introducing the Face Behind Inked & Blinked!

My name is Christina, and I am the proud owner of Inked & Blinked permanent makeup artistry. I want to take a moment to emphasize that I am not a jack of all trades, but rather a master of one: permanent makeup.

With almost 8 years of experience, I have dedicated myself to mastering the art of enhancing natural beauty through permanent makeup. My specialties include eyeliner, brows, and lips.

It is essential for me to highlight that I also specialize in 3D Areola Nipple tattooing for breast cancer survivors. As a gesture of compassion, I offer this service complimentary to those who have bravely battled breast cancer. It is an honor for me to contribute to their journey.

With thousands of people tattooed, I have witnessed the transformative power of permanent makeup and the joy it brings to individuals. I’ve embarked on countless trainings all over the world. It was during my advanced trainings in England that I found my calling. This style of tattoos resonated with me, I realized this advanced approach was not widely established in America. The results are beautifully airbrushed and pixelated into the skin! "Enhancement" verses "Harsh".

In addition to my professional pursuits, I lead a life filled with adventure. I love to travel and visit two different countries every year, immersing in new cultures and diverse traditions. This constant exploration of the world is an inspiration for my work. I come from a large and supportive family, with 3 brothers and 2 sisters. I'm a 26-year-old with a deep passion for animals. As the proud owner of two cats named Perri and Little Man, I particularly adore standard poodles. When it comes to dining, I frequently indulge meals at Merlion and Whataburger. Additionally, as an insider at Star Cinema Grill, I relish the magic of movies.

Together, we can uncover your natural beauty and embark on a transformative experience at Inked & Blinked.

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