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Machine Nano Brows vs. Microblading: WHICH IS SAFER?

In the world of eyebrow enhancement techniques, two methods have gained attention: nano hyperrealism brow tattoos and hand method microblading. While both can create stunning eyebrows, when considering both aesthetic results and long-term skin health, it's evident that nano hyperrealism brow tattoos offer a safer alternative. This blog post explores why nano hyperrealism brow tattoos are the superior choice for achieving beautiful, natural-looking brows while maintaining skin health.

Client Immediately After Nano Brow Tattoo
Lexi Immediately After a Hyperrealism Nano Brow Tattoo

Are you tired of spending hours penciling in your eyebrows each morning, only to see them smudge and fade throughout the day? The allure of perfectly shaped brows has led many to explore permanent makeup, with "microblading" being a well-known term. This brings us to the world of nano brows and microblading – two techniques with distinct effects on your skin. While one embodies precision and modern practices, the other relies on outdated methods and a lack of professional oversight. Now, it's time to dispel misconceptions about microblading and introduce a safer and more advanced tattooing solution: Nano Hyperrealism Brows.

The Deceptive Marketing of Microblading:

Believe it or not, the aura of revolution that often surrounds microblading doesn't align with historical facts. Contrary to its portrayal, microblading stands as one of the oldest forms of tattooing, tracing its origins back to ancient cultures where it served both cosmetic and ritualistic purposes.

Despite its frequent portrayal as a semi-permanent solution, the actual reality of microblading is far from such. Once you've undergone microblading, your scope for future procedures becomes noticeably constrained due to the formation of scar tissue as a result of the skin incisions.

This isn't the only deception – the term "microblading" has been misused to advertise an old method, leading to confusion and a lack of transparency in the industry. The irony is that while ink can be removed from the skin, scar tissue proves to be a permanent and a forever limiting factor. Interestingly, the method's similarity to the makeshift tattoos done by inmates in prisons reveals its lack of sophistication and precision.

Scar Tissue and Stains Left Behind:

Microblading's reputation for causing scar tissue and skin damage is well-founded. The process involves sharp blades making tiny slices in the skin, which leads to scarring over time. Each time the skin undergoes this form of tattooing, is catastrophic to the skin. Additionally, skin stains are a common side effect of microblading, leaving many with unsightly hues of red/purple and uneven results.

Scar tissue, once formed, creates an enduring barrier that diminishes the skin's ability to accept new pigments. Try to envision a machine trying to drill through concrete (SKIN). This creates a cycle where those who undergo microblading are forced to live with the limitations of their initial procedure. Immediately after a microblading procedure it will always look beautiful, however the healed/long term results are anything but beautiful. The red/purple hues left behind is trauma left behind. The limited ability to modify, refresh, or adjust brow enhancements becomes a reality etched into their skin.

By opting for nano hyperrealism, you're making a conscious choice to minimize the risk of permanent skin damage.

Microblading longterm health of skin
Example of Fresh Microblading and Healed/Longterm results

Precision without Skin Trauma:

The Hyperrealism Nano Machine Brow technique offers a minimally invasive approach to tattooing, utilizing a machine equipped with nano-sized needles for intricate and precise eyebrow strokes. In contrast, microblading involves manually cutting the skin using a handheld tool. The Nano Machine technique is carefully controlled, leading to reduced skin trauma. This translates to less discomfort, minimal swelling, and accelerated healing, effectively minimizing the potential for long-term skin damage.

My unique approach to Hyperrealism Nano Brows represents a groundbreaking leap in the realm of permanent makeup. This method involves depositing pigment in small, pixelated particles that remarkably emulate natural hair strokes. These pixelated machine strokes are gentle on the skin and notably, almost painless – yes, you read that correctly! A significant majority of Inked & Blinked's patients have reported experiencing minimal to no pain. This innovative technique not only eliminates the risk of scar tissue and long-term damage but also ensures consistently natural-looking results. Many of my clients have aptly coined this style of tattoo as "Fluffy Brows."

Machine Brows
Nano Hyperrealism Brow Tattoo

The Artistry Behind Nano Brows

Each nano brow procedure is a meticulous tattooing process that demands skill and precision. The entire session, lasting between 3 to 3.5 hours, begins with the crucial task of mapping out the perfect shape and examines the skin in color theory. This preliminary hour ensures that the final results are tailored to your unique features. The "perfectly imperfect" nature of nano brows means that the procedure focuses on enhancing your brows, filling in areas where they need it the most. Please note, that there is a few of you that may not be a candidate for this tattooing procedure.

Compatibility with Various Skin Types:

Sensitive or oily skin can pose challenges when considering cosmetic procedures. Nano hyperrealism brow tattoos are well-suited for a wider range of skin types due to their less invasive nature. The delicate technique reduces the risk of adverse reactions and infections, making it a safer choice for individuals with varying skin concerns. This inclusivity ensures that more people can benefit from the procedure without compromising skin health.

Results from Machine Nano Permanent Brows
Before and After Machine Nano Brows

Long-Term Skin Wellness:

Choosing nano hyperrealism brow tattoos over microblading is a proactive step toward maintaining the long-term health of your skin. By opting for a technique that minimizes trauma, scarring, and discomfort, you're investing in your skin's overall wellness. With nano hyperrealism, you can enjoy beautifully enhanced eyebrows while nurturing your skin's natural radiance for years to come.

Flawless Results

In conclusion, when considering the options of nano brows and microblading, the superiority of nano brows in terms of safety, precision, and longevity becomes evident. Nano brows combine cutting-edge technology and artistic expertise to achieve a natural and flawless enhancement, surpassing the historical roots and misleading marketing tactics associated with microblading. Embracing the future of brow enhancement through nano brows is a well-informed decision. As with any cosmetic procedure, conducting thorough research and maintaining transparent communication with professionals are vital steps to ensure informed choices and satisfactory outcomes.

Before and After Nano Brow tattoo
This Procedure is great for those that need a little bit extra coverage

When prioritizing the safety and health of your skin while aiming for stunning, natural-looking eyebrows, nano hyperrealism brow tattoos unquestionably outperform the hand method microblading. The precision, minimized trauma, reduced risk of scarring, and prolonged results offered by nano hyperrealism position it as the superior choice for those seeking a solution that's both effective and gentle on the skin. As you embark on your journey towards brow enhancement, keep in mind that opting for nano hyperrealism brow tattoos isn't just a choice for enhancing beauty; it's a decision that champions the long-term wellness of your skin.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please feel free to reach out to us at To schedule an appointment, you can use the link below. Additionally, if you've had any previous work done on your eyebrow area, we kindly ask that you contact Inked & Blinked directly before booking, ensuring the best possible outcome for your unique needs.

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